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jD MLG Pro League Season 1

"Multiple season league beginning January 2015, hosted by MLG and joinDOTA and culminating in a World Championship at the end of 2015. 20% of the proceeds goes towards the Season 1 prize pool and 5% of the proceeds go towards the World Championship prize pool at the end of 2015. This bundle grants the Shard of the Revenant Razor Set and access to view games from the joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1."

Prize Pool Information

Base Prize Pool Contributed Prize Pool Total Prize PoolPercentage IncreasedPrize Pool Distribution





  1. $34,758 (40%)
  2. $21,724 (25%)
  3. $13,034 (15%)
  4. $8,690 (10%)
  5. $4,345 (5%)
  6. $4,345 (5%)

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Item Bundles

Item No Longer Available
jD MLG Pro League Season 1
20% of the proceeds of each sale contributes to the tournament prize pool.

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